Personal Training

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Our personal training is to get your body moving in 30-minute workouts so that you can tone your muscles, shape your body and trim down in body fat. The personal training has all fitness levels that start, the trainers are pros at helping you train at your level, that is best for your body. Our programs also include an in depth look at nutrition and we focus on showing you how to eat in a way that you will love!

The key is to learn a "new normal" where you find delicious foods that you really enjoy, as well as your whole family. Learning that new normal though is understanding more about nutrition, how to pre-prep foods, how to eat out and what healthy snacks are. It also includes knowing how to not emotionally eat, understanding our limiting beliefs that keep us stuck and how to get unstuck.

To help members experience this, we have:

  • A delicious eating plan with amazing recipes
  • Webinars on nutrition by our Licensed Dietitian who also has a Bachelor’s in Food Science and Nutrition
  • The ability to have your meals customized and menu plans if needed
  • Online cooking classes and how to pre-prep food in your own home, if you choose to try this
  • Support through private facebook groups
  • Accountability to showing up to the workouts and staying on schedule, members will get a phone call or text if they are not showing up regularly to your workouts (we all need that!)
  • 3D body scan machine with advanced technology to see the visual changes on your body
  • Member socials where members can connect with each other and some of our team
  • Workshops on proper form, foam rolling and how to use the equipment to the best ability for the best results and safety

Types of Personal Training

Our certified personal trainers do either 1 on 1 sessions, semi-private which is up to 6 women and small group training. These workouts are designed to tone, tighten and shape your body, as well as help with balance. Personal training is best for people new to training, possibly have injuries, don’t prefer large groups or just want a more customized approach to the workouts. And personal training clients tend to be in their late 40's to 70's. Each person meets first with a membership specialist so we can go over which program is best for you, you can book that by --- Click Here for Free Personal Training Consultation and see the Addresses.

We also offer a Fitness Boot Camp - this is not usually best for people with injuries, are deconditioned (haven't worked out in years) or have over about 75 lbs. to lose

Our fitness boot camps are also led by certified personal trainers but in a much faster paced environment. The goal to challenge your body at totally different levels while also toning and shaping the body. Both types of training are meant to also replace cardio boot camp is even at a much faster pace. Boot camp is not traditionally best suited for people with severe injuries or with a large amount of weight to lose - like 75 lbs. or more - those in this area tend to do personal training first. Each person meets first with a membership specialist so we can go over which program is best for you, you can book that by --- Click Here for a Free Boot Camp Consultation and see the Addresses.