COVID-19 - Our Response

What we are Doing as a Company to Help Protect our Members and Team, Relative to COVID-19 (see below)

*Update* New national study done of 2873 gyms, analyzing millions of check ins over 3 months found that only .0023% of the members had contracted COVID-19, which is 500 times LESS then the national average. This study was done by IHRSA and is confirming it shows no evidence of COVID-19 spread in gyms.

We take your health & safety very seriously. And you want to make surewhere you go does. We want you to get back into your fitness and being in a private studio with these type of protocols can help.

We encourage you to get into your health and fitness program. Working out and eating healthy can help with your immune system and with stress. Book your free consultation today to check out our program. See you soon! Click here.

Here are some very important covid data resources to look at as well sif you have been wondering about working out in a gym or private studio like ours:

Studies from three countries (USA, England, Australia) examining COVID-19 transmissions in gyms found health clubs are not unique hotspots for coronavirus, and transmission rates are low, click here to read this.

A study performed by the University of Florida sampling airborne levels of COVID-19 in a large fitness center found that no detectable SARS-CoV-2 present despite multiple samples being taken, click here to read this

While some studies have reported gyms are a high-risk venue for COVID-19 transmission, these findings were based off gyms that were not following recommended capacity limits and other transmission-reducing protocols. When these protocols are followed, gyms are less risky than many other indoor venues studied, such as restaurants, click here to read this

Take care, we are fighting through this together,

Samantha Taylor and Team