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Article in the Paper: "How to Not let Disappointment Derail you"

A very valuable lesson I had to learn is how to not let disappointment totally derail you or destroy your life. The last few years many of us have gone through insurmountable times that have felt so overwhelming because they just kept piling up, one after the next.

I understand what it’s like to feel like everything is crashing down on you and it’s taking everything within you to hold it together. But I do know that having a connection with God and being able to lean on that foundation has been a cornerstone of not allowing utter disappointment to destroy me or my life.

Covid started happening to all of us more than a couple of years ago and oddly has still continued. It impacted my fitness company intensely and what I discovered was that we weren’t alone in that. Over 25% of all fitness studios in the nation closed due to the impact of covid which is over 9,000 studios and gyms!

People all over the world have been trying to figure out how to rebound and some of us have had to completely restart our lives over again. Sometimes you have to pick up the pieces from what you have left and put it all back together, even though it will never be the same again. The most critical part is to START putting it back together.

One of the hardest things about trauma or extreme disappointment with things happening in our lives is losing the inspiration or drive to keep pressing forward to what God has put you here for on this earth. I know life can be difficult…it can be absolutely brutal sometimes. But I can tell you that when you have God in your life, that level of comfort, strength and wisdom to guide you and help navigate you through those difficult waters, is life changing.

Had I not had that foundation when my entire life started to unravel starting with my fitness business that I invested 25 years into, being greatly impacted, to then suddenly losing my husband of 29 years, him dying and going to heaven over a year ago! That experience if not handled delicately, can easily derail you. But what I had to realize was if I stayed in the pit of focusing on my disappointment of that happening, I knew I was not going to be able to move forward victoriously and was risking staying stuck for many, many years.

These difficult things are nothing any of us would’ve ever asked for or expected in life but what we are called to do is pick up the pieces and start to put them back together with God’s help. And figure out how to live the new normal even though its nothing you’ve ever known before but it’s the only way to keep moving forward.

If we stay stuck in frustration and disappointment, it can pull you off from what you’re supposed to be doing in this life. I understand disappointment and sorrow in depths that I never even fathomed I would have to walk down. But I also know the comfort of God and the grace, mercy and peace that can also sustain you during those times. I did have to surrender though. I had to surrender to God and put out my hands with the broken pieces in them and give it over to Him, even though they were soaked in the tears that I cried.

So I encourage you to muster up the courage to pick up those broken pieces and turn them over to God. Ask Him to help you rebound, rebuild and heal your broken heart and not allow disappointment to derail or destroy your life. You can do this with God’s help. I am living proof of this. Praise be to God!

I am thinking of doing a free webinar on this very topic, to go much deeper in how you walk this out victoriously because so many people have reached out to me saying they need help with this. Go here for details: