Land O' Lakes Fitness Boot Camp for Women

Weight Loss

At our Land O' Lakes Fitness Boot Camp we get your body into great shape and we focus on weight loss. We accomplish this through efficient, fun 30-minute workouts and we have a Licensed Dietician who has written our complete nutrition plan. Most fitness boot camps do not offer help with nutrition since you must be licensed to do so.

Our Licensed Dietician is also a former member who lost 40 lbs. with us and has kept it for 4 years! The weight loss part of the program is put together to help women learn how to eat healthy in a way that you actually enjoy, and we do this with many different recipes, tips on what snacks to eat and tips on how to eat out.

Once you see a way to eat that you really enjoy, weight loss is quite simple, as well as keeping it off.

The goal with weight loss with the workouts is to get your body active, while getting muscles tone to help increase your metabolism to burn more body fat while your body is at rest. We also want to shape the body because the muscles are what gives our bodies shape and its one thing we lose more of as we age.

If you would like to set up a free consultation with us so you can see the Land O’ Lakes location and check out our Fitness Boot Camp programs for weight loss or just get your body fit - - Click this link to find out more and see the location’s address.