Carrollwood Fitness Boot Camp for Women

30 Minute Workouts

Women are surprised at how much you can get done in 30 minutes in this fitness boot camp. The focus is to use as many different muscles at the same time and get the heart rate up in the boot camp so you can make your body a lean, tone, fat burning machine! We love watching women’s bodies transform right before our eyes, one workout at a time.

The goal with a boot camp style 30-minute workout is to get your heart rate up in spurts of energy. The trainer changes it every single workout but for example in one workout, you will workout for 45 seconds with a 10 second break, while working on all kinds of muscles at the same time.

We had one woman try our fitness boot camp who was convinced she needed an hour workout but she quickly found out that in that 30 minutes she actually pushed herself harder then she did in her one hour workout. She felt that she got such a better workout in that short amount of time and ever since then she has not gone back to longer workouts.

There are many reasons to do 30-minute workouts, if you want to read more reasons from a scientific standpoint including your hormones and calorie consumption - Click Here to read more.